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12 January 2013

The “Tunisian Revolution” has lost a good deal of its gloss. The rhetoric remains “radical”, the reality much less so. That it was a genuine national uprising engaging virtually the entire population is beyond doubt – and as such, nothing short of a regional inspiration. That it can be characterized as “a revolution” is open to question. What has changed?

19 December 2012

At the heart of the plight of the more than 700 wounded and the families of the 300 martyrs is the fact that they were used for political purposes during the elections campaign. Today, those in power are busy sharing the pie, on the other hand the losers aspire to a piece of the pie and in the midst of this very struggle for power the cause of the wounded is lost.

10 December 2012

To the right honorable Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, May you rest in peace. You are one of the most courageous women that the West has known. Your writings from the different corners of the world you visited did not lose popularity until this very day. You are being consistently celebrated for your entertaining way of reporting. Your passion to detail and beauty is not going unnoticeable.

30 November 2012

To the outside world Tunisia, the small country that inspired the Arab world to revolt, is moving towards a substantive democracy. Protestors, from all walks of life, took to the streets of Tunisia and shouted with one voice” the people demand the fall of the regime”. Although the demands were crystal clear “jobs, freedom and dignity”, the current troika government – a coalition government formed by Ennahda after October 2011 elections- has been virtually paralyzed to concretize those demands.

25 March 2011

By Salem Romdhan – As we are slowly sobering up from the political binge that followed the Tunisian uprising, one could start to discern the outlines of the new scene we are presented with.