Motaher Saeed et Amine Sawwar enlevés à Manama Bahreïn

Dear friends,

Mutahar Saeed and Amin Swar are two young Bahrainis who got arrested 2 days ago, February 14 th at 4 :30 pm on their way to the location of the now demolished Pearl Roundabout, Manama, by the police, where they were heading to peacefully protest and calling for justice and freedom against the dictatorship of the Bahraini regime.

Pictured: Mutaher, Amin, and others, being mistreated and stood over by the police.

I heard about this story from his brother, Taher Saeed,one of my best friends, but our friendship is not what makes his cause important.His peaceful struggle, along with tens of thousands of unarmed protestors, against an army protecting the interest of an imperialist dictatorship does. Certainly, it is anunbalanced fight between those who raise their voices and their slogans, and soldiers who raise their weapons and firetoxicgases at citizens.

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In Bahrain, protests started a year ago. The silence of media is not helping.The story of Mutaher is not one of a kind, there are many facing the same struggles, same fears, same problems. It’s a struggle of an entire nation, a struggle of all women, men, children, and elderly, and all who want to end dictatorship.Their only demand is justice. Tens were killed, among them are infants and elders. Hundreds were jailed including children and women. And thousands were injured. The government is trying to kill their quest in every way, it even demolished the Pearl Roundabout, a place where protestors took as a center for their movement and as a symbol of freedom, after raiding it with guns and gasses.

How to support Mutaher and Amin ?

Please write a letter to free Mutaher Saeed and Amin Swar, as well as the other protestors, through the following links.

Amnesty International:
Human Right watch:
Union Internationale des avocats :
Nations Unies :

To keep updated about what is happening in Bahrain, please follow these links:

You can also contact activists

Tony Mitchell– expelled tutor from Bahrain Polytechnic who witnessed the revolution closely from his apartment- /
Nabeel Rajab – President of Bahrain Center of Human rights – –!/NABEELRAJAB Email: – Phone: +97339633399

For more details, please read the Report of the situation of Human rights in 2011 by Amnesty International.