June 29 th 2012, Nawaat had an open discussion with a youth delegation of Turkey’s AK PARTY (the Justice and Development Party), which has been ruling in Turkey since 2002.The attendees represented journalists from Tunisia live and Nawaat.

The guests declare that they are in Tunisia to understand the situation after the revolution, and see what progress still needs to be made. During their stay; they got the chance to visit different political parties. The young AKP partisans where surprised by the tendency of questions that was all about democracy, diplomacy and freedom of speech instead of what they are expecting as a discussion round table about the role of media in Tunisia. The AKP partisans explained that the Turkish political strategy with Tunisia was drafted before the electoral results of October 23rd.

Talking about their social media strategy , AKP party have more than one hundred thousand volunteer who are ready to keep their website and pages dynamic and updated about the latest AKP news, it is also a platform to discuss the political decisions. And away from this idyllic picture of the “cyber army» and according to the testimony of different human right NGO’s and Turkish activists, Those volunteers are holding as well, cyber attacks against any journalist or activist who criticizes the government.

You can watch, below, a large summary of the interview with the delegates of the AKP party.

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