35-year old Raja has been married for 11 years. Raja starts by talking about the advice of Doctor Rim Abdelmalek, the professor of infectious diseases who urged couples to no longer share the same bed in order to avoid contamination. « Follow her advice and we no longer have a right to do anything », Raja laughs. It’s not that she is sorry to no longer have a sexual life but that she considers this sort of restriction to be « inconceivable » between spouses. « Between household chores, the kids and depressing news on the television, it’s not sexual desire that I’m lacking », she says. The same could not be said for her 42-year old husband,—at least at the beginning of confinement. « In the beginning, it felt good to have more time together, with neither of us working and both feeling more relaxed. I took pleasure in cooking. He in seeing me more available for a sexual relationship. But little by little we grew bored. Me of cooking, him of sex. We’re just waiting for one thing: to resume our life before », she tells us.