No, Wolfram Alpha end result is completely different from Google’s.

Wolfram Alpha is as its tagline says: “a computational knowledge engine”. It filters information and data stored in its own databases to answer specific search queries with a single search result.

While Google crawl the web for answers and lists thousands of web pages that may or may not contain the information requested.
In other words, wolfram’s extensive database and detailed computing results shows a lot of potential, but the singularity of its answers puts in question its relevancy, tempting some users to prefer Google’s variety of results.

However, anyone who had a chance to try wolfram Alpha would agree that it would impel Google to come up with more exciting gadgets and innovations in semantic search, and speaking of which the latest Google Squared is the first upshot.
Here’s a brief screencast demonstration of what can be done with Wolfram Alpha by the founder himself, Stephen Wolfram:

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