Centrist to the left on issues such as free speech, human rights, free choices & green economy. To the right on issues such as dictatorship & the Palestinian cause (injustice all together). To the bottom on issues such as small government, minimal taxation & private properties. To the top on issues such as extremism and anarchism. To the north west when needed...

10 Apr 2010

[vidéo] Tunisie: Censure au nom de la sécurité nationale! Youtube, Dailymotion, Nawaat, yezzi, Amnesty, Reporters…la liste est non exhaustive.

28 May 2009

The latest proposal by the Zambian Committee of Citizens at the National Constitution Conference to adopt a motion stipulating that presidential candidates should be university degree holder is a non sense and discriminatory against those who are competent to lead the country but are not in possession of a University degree. Zambians, don’t be silly! Look at Tunisia: we have […]