We must put an end to tyranny and humiliation. Tunisian taxpayers’ money is being spent to maintain the status quo of the oppression machine. Real progress is dramatically slowed down due to the waste and mismanagement of our money.

Tunisia does fit to stand next to the civilized and free nations. We have room to grow, to be a responsible contributor in this world!

Time will not freeze! Reforms will have to be imposed promptly. The margin of progress is very tight…
You may be asking: “What could we possibly do?”

Well, people should be informed of their potential. Ignorance automatically leads to oppression and oppression is currently leading to mosques…and that’s very risky!

Don’t vote on October 25th!

Speak up your mind and keep it up!

A humble message to the free world: if you want to protect your freedom you have to pledge the freedom of others!

2009 – Nawaat.org

tunisia under siege

*Le montage des propos de M Khaled Hosni se tenaient hors de tout contexte politique.