Why is Tunisia “lagging behind” Morocco in solar energy production?

News coverage of the Ouarzazate solar plant in Morocco has painted the operation as a symbolic and auspicious shift in production and consumption of renewable energies. Asked why Tunisia seems to be lagging behind its Maghreb neighbor in the sector, Minister of Industry, Energy, and Mines Mongi Marzouk explained that “Today, we have a long way to go with only 3% of production from renewable energies of which the majority is wind and a small amount of sun.” Since new legislation in the energy sector has been passed–in April 2015, the ARP adopted law n°2015-12 concerning the production of electricity from renewable energies—Tunisia intends to increase this percentage: “Between now and 2020,” the Minister predicted, “STEG will produce between 200 and 250 megawatts thanks to solar and wind energy.”