Photo credit: Kais Ben Farhat

Two strangers awake with a start, finding themselves in an unfamiliar place. Frightened, they interrogate one another and explore their strange surroundings. Little by little, Samira and Raouf understand that they are no longer on earth and are being held captive and observed by aliens. Trapped inside their human cage, they finally realize—amidst jolts of electricity when they fight, portions of food and water when they show signs of intimacy—that their only chance of survival is to procreate.

Actors Moncef Zahrouni and Amina Ben Doua are Raouf and Samira, the protagonists of Our Friends the Humans (Nos amis les humains), translated into Tunisian dialect and adapted from the book by Bernard Werber. April 25 and 26, Zahrouni and Ben Doua performed the play, with acting direction and technical support from Walid Hassir and Sabri Atrous, at El Teatro in Tunis.