“Forcing us to get vaccinated and usurping our rights and bodily sanctity is a dictatorship”, 55 year old Nejia Ajmi, a civil servant, told Meshkal/Nawaat. “It is my right to reject the vaccine, but also I can’t lose my job.”

The Decree-Law 2021-1, issued on October 22, sets up a legal framework for an official health pass, similar to the one France set up in July under its law 4416. In the Tunisian version, article six of the law allows suspending public sector employees who do not comply. Article seven lays out punishment for anyone entering public offices without the pass in accordance with Penal Code articles 125 and 127- which give a year of prison and a fine for insulting or assaulting public officials, respectively. Article eight of the new decree-law also allows officials to shut down businesses for up to 15 days for not complying with the vaccine pass mandate. According to the Ministry of Health, the mandate will be officially enforced two months after the decree, starting December 22, 2021.