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Investigation: 3ich Tounsi, a « citizen movement » with political ambitions

3ich Tounsi has been the subject of lots of talk over the past months, suscitating a number of questions in its overexposure. Mega-events with ambiguous objectives, copiously-sponsored television and internet ads, opaque funding sources—such characteristics render 3ich Tounsi a veritable extra-terrestrial to the non-profit world, especially when it comes to the association’s discourse which has become more and more openly political.

The Barker at Bardo: an art exhibition with bigger bark than bite

March 18 marked three years since the attack at Tunisia’s Bardo National Museum. Among the centuries of history and art housed within the former palace of the Beys, the memory of the recent incident and its 23 victims still lingers. But today, the building is alive with school groups and visitors, locals and foreigners alike. From March 11 – April 12, 2018, Museum visitors will discover « The Barker at Bardo », a contemporary art exhibition by artist Faten Rouissi in partnership with the Agency for the Development of National Heritage and Cultural Promotion.