Ahmed Medien

Ahmed Medien

Ahmed Medien is a current author at Tunisia Live and a contributor author at Policymic.com. He is a college student at the Mediterranean School of Business, in Tunisia, majoring in economics, secondary in management. He is interested in journalism, human rights, education management, international development, and has also previously volunteered with the Red Crescent in 2010. Medien has covered major political events in Tunisia, since the popular uprisings of early 2011, including, the electoral campaign and the elections of October 23rd. Medien speaks fluent English, French, Arabic, conversational German.

20 Feb 2012

It has been more than one year since Tunisians toppled Zine Al Abidine Ben Al who ruled Tunisia for 23 years. The government has since suspended the old constitution and set non-governmental commissions to install new democratic reforms in the north-African country. On October 23rd, Tunisians had their first free elections ever since half a century.

04 February 2012

IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde, met with Tunisian businessmen and journalists on her second day of her first visit to the Middle East, in Tunisia. Lagarde, stressed during the press conference that she held the importance of the security situation to help maintain a stable economy in the country. “Security and stability are determining factors to boost investments,” she said.