Wafa Ben Hassine

Wafa Ben Hassine

Wafa is a public law and political science graduate of the University of California, San Diego and who is now pursuing international legal studies at the University of Denver. She actively and continuously promotes the values of free expression, equal opportunity and rights, and social and environmental sustainability.

05 July 2013

The deposition of former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi: call it what you like – a popular uprising, a military coup, a continuation of the “Arab Spring”, or a hammer blow to democratic reform efforts. Whatever it was, Tunisia is certainly not immune to it.

25 May 2012

On December 16, 2011, the Tunisian Constituent Assembly passed the internal bylaws it was to operate under for the duration of its mandate. The bylaws cover everything from the procedural regulations that first established the assembly’s committees and subcommittees to the number of unexcused absences

24 May 2012

يمثل التصويت حقا أساسياً للمواطنين في كل الديمقراطيات، كما يمثل بالتوازي مسؤولية منوطة بعهدة المسؤولين الذين يتم انتخابهم. هؤلاء المسؤولون مدعوون للتصويت على مجموعة من القضايا، بمقتضى توكيلنا لهم كمواطنين للتعبير عن مواقفنا منها.