Wafa Ben Hassine

Wafa Ben Hassine

Wafa is a public law and political science graduate of the University of California, San Diego and who is now pursuing international legal studies at the University of Denver. She actively and continuously promotes the values of free expression, equal opportunity and rights, and social and environmental sustainability.

20 أفريل 2012

اصدر المكتب السياسي لحزب المؤتمر من اجل الجمهورية بيانا جاء فيه استياء و استغراب هؤلاء من التصريح الاخير الذي ادلى به الامين العام عبد الرؤوف العيادي بمناسبة مؤتمر حزب القوات اللبنانية. المؤتمر اعلن تبرئه مما جاء على لسان امينه العام مؤكدا انه متعارض مع الخط السياسي للحزب الشيء الذي انجر عنه اقالة هذا .الاخير من طرف المكتب السياسي

10 Apr 2012

Following and reading through the Hamadi Jebali email dump that was leaked this past Saturday has been like searching for a needle in a haystack. The dump, released by a group affiliated with the hacker collective Anonymous, contains close to 2,725 emails from Jebali’s Ennahda secretary general email account (which had a .gmail domain). The party has since condemned the hacking of the account.

05 Apr 2012

Close to one year following the ouster of former president Ben Ali, The Bouzidi Voice, a blog from Sidi Bouzid, investigates the reasons behind the rampant unemployment. It offers explanations as to why the handicraft sector, for instance – which has been absorbing a significant level of unemployment in the region – has been suffering.

26 March 2012

A tool that has been used and abused by the former regime’s propaganda teams. Information in Tunisia is described as centralized and monopolized by a few media outlets that are usually headquartered in the capital, Tunis. One initiative however, spearheaded by Nawaat jointly […]

19 March 2012

In an effort to increase the level of Tunisian participation in wiki-media, a workshop was held on Saturday, March 17, at Nawaat’s “Hackerspace” – a space designed to hold community events – to discuss the concept of wiki-media. The workshop was led by Yamen Bousrih, a young Tunisian cyber-activist.

12 March 2012

Following a mostly online presence, a few members and supporters of the Tunisian OpenGov initiative gathered last night, March 10, 2012, at Nawaat’s Hackerspace – a community meeting space created by Nawaat to facilitate the exchange of ideas and resources – a perfect space for OpenGovTN to meet. OpenGovTN, an initiative that was launched some months ago, aims to institutionalize the concepts of open governance, open data, and transparency in a new Tunisia on all governmental fronts […]