Courtney Joline

Courtney Joline

Courtney is an American student living and studying in Tunis writing about freedom of expression and transitional justice.

20 September 2013

The National Constituent Assembly’s first plenary session was overshadowed by a nationwide press strike in protest of the recent crackdown on Tunisian journalists and media personalities. Despite the resumption of political activity, the investigation of Mohamad Brahmi’s assassination remained at the forefront of Tunisian politics and was the focal point of Thursday’s meeting. In addition, both the opposition and ruling coalitions have reviewed UGTT’s latest proposal for a renewed dialogue.

17 September 2013

On Saturday, the National Union of Tunisian Journalists, with support from the Union of Culture and Information, organized a general press strike held on September 17 to “oppose attacks against journalists from authorities who are desperate to treat journalists as criminals on the basis of repressive laws,” according to a press statement.