President Saied’s draft of the Constitution: Falsehood and misperception

After a fake coup d’état that was justified by its supposed constitutionality, a fake national consultation which failed to mobilize even a fourth of his voters in 2019, a fake national dialogue which merely featured a chorus of yes-men, Kais Saied has made haste to hatch out a fake constitution. The president submitted the draft just 25 days before a referendum in which voters are invited to approve or reject this fundamental text.

«Operation Carthage»: Nabil Karoui and lobbyist Lotfi Bel Hadj busted by Facebook

« Disinformation as a service » is how the Atlantic Council described the services provided by Tunisian digital communication agency UReputation to presidential candidate Nabil Karoui during his campaign for Tunisia’s 2019 presidential elections. On June 5, the American think-tank published an investigation carried out by its Digital Forensic Research lab (DFRLab) which exposed the collaboration. Dubbed « Operation Carthage », UReputation’s activities targeted 10 African countries to the profit of four politicians running for president in their countries’ elections. Yet another affair revealing Karoui’s dubious practices, who owns UReputation, the Tunisian PR firm with such global influence?

Investigation: UPS Tunisia to the rescue of Nidaa Tounes

Having endured multiple scissions since coming to power at the end of 2014, Nidaa Tounes is all but in pieces. Today, the party is trying to mend its wounds by absorbing the Free Patriotic Union (UPL) and, seven years after its creation, organizing its first elective congress. To this end, a na-tional conference of regional coordinators was held in Mahdia over the weekend of December 21-23, 2018. The event is telling about the banalization of murky relations between the business world and Nidaa Tounes, whose own treasurer is playing the role of party financer.

Interview with Moroccan Prince Moulay Hicham after his expulsion from Tunisia

Researcher at Harvard University and third in the order of succession to the Moroccan throne, Hicham Alaoui was expelled from Tunisia on 8 September 2017, few hours after landing in Tunis. The Boston resident, nicknamed the « red prince », was to speak in an academic symposium on Sunday organized by Stanford University. In spite of our numerous requests, Tunisian authorities have refused to reveal the motives behind their decision. Moulay Hicham, who is known for his critical views on authoritarianism in the Arab world and Morocco in particular, responded to Nawaat’s questions. Interview.

Seif Trabelsi sur El Hiwar Ettounsi Tv : Un rebranding pour une famille mafieuse (2)

Et voilà qu’El Hiwar Ettounsi Tv récidive. Après le numéro de « Liman Yajroô faqat » du 22 février (lire notre article), l’émission de divertissement « Labes » a invité, dans la soirée de samedi dernier, Seif Trabelsi. Ce n’est plus en tant que neveu de Leila Ben Ali et frère d’Imed Trabelsi qu’il est convié. Il est plutôt présenté par l’animateur comme « artiste ». Le rebranding se poursuit. Leurres, copinage et arrangements.


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