Tjebbe van Tijen

Tjebbe van Tijen

Studied sculpture in Den Bosch, Milano and London. He founded and curated the Documentation Center of Social Movements at the University Library of Amsterdam. He designed exhibitions in Vienna, Milano, Copenhagen, Dortmund and Hamburg about ecology, urban conflicts and alternative culture. Interactive installations dramatizing historical subjects since mid eighties: Imaginary Museum of Revolution with Jeffrey Shaw (1988-1989), Orbis Pictus Revised with Milos Vojtechovsky (1994-1996) and Neo-Shamanism with Fred Gales (1997-1998). Current research projects and lectures on ‘literary psycho-geography’, aerial bombing, mapping human violence, visual language, media history and education systems. Frequent guest lectures and tutorials at art academies, media centers and universities. Van Tijen, working under the name of Imaginary Museum Projects, lives and works in Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

10 جويلية 2015

“سأزور تونس هذا الصيف” هو ’تحويل’ قام به إرهابيون لحملة دعائيّة ، بدأتها على الأرجح وزارة السياحة التونسيّة، جاءت كردّ على الآثار السلبيّة للهجوم على متحف باردو في الثامن عشر من مارس المنقضي. حملة لاقت نجاحًا كبيرًا على الشبكات الاجتماعيّة. وقد قام المشاركون في هذه المبادرة، التي نُسجت على منوال حملة “أنا شارلي”، بتصوير أنفسهم وهم ممسكين بورقة كُتبَ عليها بخطّ اليد إعلان فيه وعد بزيارة تونس هذا الصيف. وقد ردّ تنظيم الدولة الاسلاميّة بالعراق والشام (داعش) على ذلك بنفس الإعلان، لكنّه هذه المرّة مُرفَق بكلاشينكوف ومسدّس.

02 July 2015

“I WILL COME TO TUNISIA THIS SUMMER” a terrorist ‘détournement’ (twist) of a campaign most probably started by the Tunisian tourism authorities as an answer to the negative effects of the Bardo Museum attack in Tunis on March the 18th this year. A campaign that had quiet a success in social media. In “Je Suis Charlie” style people had themselves photographed with a handwritten statement pledging to come this summer to Tunisia. In response ISIS issued the same statement but now illustrated with a Kalazhnikov and a pistol…

20 March 2015

These pictures do not comply with most Western media esthetical editorial codes, so I did not see them reappear on television or in news papers…nevertheless they had struck my eye … these poorly dressed men with their worn out guns and the reversed rain of bullets that had smashed them down… the one with the red cloak jacket was covered with sandy debris that had spat from the impacted walls in a corner where he had been driven in…