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Tunisia: Abstention Party, big winner of the municipal elections

The winner of municipal elections was already known to all: abstention. From one electoral deadline to the next, abstention has been gaining ground. Voting awareness campaigns had but little effect on disenchanted and mistrustful citizens, even when we question them in places where the municipality has undertaken renovations. Report in Tunis, precisely the Tunis 1 municipal district where the rate of abstention reached 74%.

Report: In Sidi Bouzid, abstention is the voice of the Voiceless

In Bouzaiéne, one week after the legislative elections, residents are in mourning. Grieving their revolt, they speak only of disappointment. Here, nothing has changed, neither the high rate of unemployment, nor the shortage of water, nor the loss of dignity. For the residents of Bouzaiéne, the democratic transition has not reached Sidi Bouzid. Slogans like «anti-power» and «anti-system» freshly spray-painted onto walls throughout the city liberate the suppressed voices of the Voiceless.