Zakia Yaakoubi, mother of 16-year old detainee Wajdi Yaakoubi, told Nawaat/Meshkal that her son was taken by security forces from their Tunis neighborhood of Ain Zaghouan as he was playing in front of their house on Sunday, January 17.

“When I rushed after him to the police station, he was all covered in mud and they were kicking him around like a ball. They kept asking him to give them random names of other people with him, but my son does not know anybody. They brought him yesterday and I saw him in handcuffs,” Yaakoubi told Nawaat/Meshkal at the Court of First Instance of Tunis 1 on Wednesday January 20, 2021 as she waited for news on the status of her son. Yaakoubi told Nawaat/Meshkal that her son kept crying and did not say a word when she saw him at the court yesterday.