Ghaya Ben Mbarek

Ghaya Ben Mbarek

Journalist and former student activist, with an academic background in International Relations & Peace and Conflict Studies.

09 December 2020

Hundreds of healthcare staff and workers, including doctors, nurses, medical students and other staff held a protest march on Tuesday, December 8, which they dubbed a ‘day of rage’ for the Tunisian public health sector. The focus of protesters demands was on public investment in healthcare facilities, equipment and infrastructure following the death of 27-year-old surgical resident, Badr Eddine Aloui. Aloui fell to his death on December 3 from the fifth floor in the Jendouba Regional Hospital due to an elevator dysfunction.

02 December 2020

On Monday, November 23, a 21-year old woman died after falling into a stormwater drainage channel in the industrial area of Enfidha in the governorate of Sousse. Her death marks the second time in less than two months that dangerous infrastructure has taken the life of a young person.

19 November 2020

The town of Tabarka, nestled between green mountains and the sea, close to the Algerian border, boasts a natural beauty that has made it a major tourist attraction for decades. In 2017, nearly a quarter of a million tourists visited Tabarka and its nearby mountain villages according to one report. Despite the beauty, the town’s main trash dump had been near one of the main roads entering the town for years until 2015, when it was finally moved. But the new dump location is near a hospital, close to a training school for the hospitality sector, and may be leaking into local water resources. When locals living near the dump protested earlier this year by blocking a national highway, calling on officials to move it elsewhere, several were briefly detainedby police.

21 أكتوبر 2020

تجمهر متظاهرون، بتاريخ 06 أكتوبر الجاري، أمام مقر البرلمان للاحتجاج ضد مشروع قانون يهدف لضمان حصانة قانونية للقوات الأمنية من الملاحقة القضائية عند الإفراط في استخدام القوة. وهو أول تحرك ضمن سلسلة من التحركات الاحتجاجية المعارضة لتمرير هذا القانون. وقد قامت القوات الأمنية بالاعتداء على المحتجين وإلقاء القبض على أربعة منهم وجرهم لمركز الشرطة بمنطقة باردو. مشكال/نواة تحدثت مع الأشخاص الأربعة، الذين تم إيقافهم بسبب الاحتجاجات ليتم إطلاق سراحهم لاحقا، حول تجاوزات الشرطة التي تعرضوا لها.

10 October 2020

On Tuesday, October 6, demonstrators gathered in front of Parliament to protest a draft law under discussion seeking to grant security forces legal immunity from prosecution for use of force—the first of several protests against the law this week. Police forces then assaulted protesters and detained four of them at a police station in the Bardo neighborhood. Meshkal/Nawaat spoke with the four people who were detained and later released about the police abuse they experienced.