Mona Samari

Mona Samari

Mona is a keen ocean conservationist, right to information advocate, journalist and writer based in her hometown of London, but regularly traveling the world for project-based work. She received a grant from the Earth Journalism Network (EJN) to set up the Tunisian Environment Reporting Network, in collaboration with WE magazine. Since then, Mona has expanded her collaboration with EJN to include mentoring Arab journalists ahead of the Paris COP meeting.

09 May 2022

Les négociations de quotas internationaux pour le thon ont fait l’objet de critiques répétées, car elles étaient dirigées par les intérêts d’un nombre restreint de nations puissantes. Mais elles peuvent être révolutionnées par l’adoption de cadres préétablis, fondés sur des données scientifiques. Et l’année 2022 sera à cet égard décisive.

07 May 2022

From freshwater fisheries in the great rift lakes to tuna fisheries in the waters around North Africa, for many African states, fisheries represent a substantial contribution to GDP. Due to imperfect knowledge of fish biology, incomplete fisheries data, natural variabilities and the inherent difficulties in using models to count fish in a population, the adoption of a different approach called “harvest strategies” or “management procedures” is becoming the latest innovation in fisheries management, and a reliable way for North African countries to continue to generate this blue growth value for decades to come.

18 December 2013

More than the exercise of collective dissent, as a common denominator and at the core of these protests is the call on governments to engage with grass-root movements and the public at large beyond the regular election process. Journalists and bloggers continue to play a central role in providing and relaying vital information.