Tunis’ homeless, another face of social crisis

Deterioration of the economic situation, soaring rent prices and feeble government intervention—all factors that contribute to an increase in the number of homeless individuals in the streets of Tunis, estimated at 3,000 in 2014. Ever more present on the streets, around transit stations, outside building entrances, in public gardens and elsewhere, they are a symptom of rampant social misery and marginalizing conservatism.

Amman: a long term temporary stage for Iraqis

We’re not staying here” keeps on saying Razaq, a 45 years old Iraqi mechanical engineer. Razaq is as 500 000 Iraqis that left their devastated country to settle in Jordan, according to Jordanian official sources. They moved “temporarily” as they say, at least as they hope. 53 331 of them are registered at the UNHCR in Amman, the Jordanian capital. Razaq came to Amman […]