Hunting in Tunisia: Obsolete legislation, poor management and a lack of political will

In January 2018, the Lebanese Hunting Club posted a series of photographs displaying hunters smiling behind their spoils, hundreds of birds downed during a trip to Tunisia. The images suscitated a wave of outrage by conservation groups not only for the way that the group advertised their copious kill, but for the fact that hunting of this scale is permitted under current legislation. On paper, regulations in the sector were designed to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems. To what extent do today’s hunting practices, quotas and implementation live up to this role?

Arab NGOs Warn against “Regional Media Freedom Mechanism” Project under the umbrella of the Arab League

Les organisations arabes des droits humains soussignées, dénoncent l’obstination de la Fédération internationale des journalistes (FIJ) à aller de l’avant, conjointement avec l’Union des journalistes arabes, dans l’établissement d’un « Mécanisme régional spécial pour la liberté d’information dans le monde arabe », sous le parapluie de la Ligue des États arabes.