Culture 18

« Our Friends the Humans » bring science fiction and pop culture to the stage

April 25 and 26, Moncef Zahrouni and Amina Ben Doua played the role of Samira an Raouf, « two people who find themselves in a tragic situation: taken by aliens, lost in space, trapped in a cage…how will they react? what are the problems and questions to which they must find answers? » Pulling the audience between comedy and drama, caricature and suspense, Our Friends the Humans invites us to reflect on our societies, our world and ourselves.

CREATISTES: the art of selling handmade

Launched on March 19, 2016, CREATISTES is a new online marketplace for all things handmade. Although it is not the country’s first virtual outlet for Tunisian arts and craft products, it is perhaps the first Tunisian version of the widely-popular Etsy (started in Brooklyn in 2005), Dawanda (Berlin, 2006), and Little Majlis (Dubai, 2012).

Status quo, or legal status for artists in Tunisia?

At roundtable events in the presence of EU funders and Tunisians who work in art and culture, the Ministry of Culture affirms that it has moved beyond words and is in the phase of action. With European Union’s recent designation of four million euros to the sector, the question remains whether or not such support will accompany the implementation of new policies, and specifically a framework ensuring the social and economic security of artists in Tunisia.

Book readers invade Tunis main avenue

Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis, usually a stage for protests and police crackdown, turned into an open library in the afternoon of 18 April. Armed with their books, adults, teenagers, children, men and women from different social classes occupied the avenue to take part in “the Avenue Reads”.

History Is Not the Past

Submitted by Suffet De Carthage : That history is not a thing of the past is a general truth, of which I simply want to remind the reader. History is not the tale of bygone days, but the present we dwell in.11 It is part and parcel of a nation; it constitutes its memory, its consciousness, its ambitions. It is what is everlasting in its geography and demography. It is the mirror of the nation’s […]

Dear Mr. Z.A.B.A

I am pleased to inform you that I received your letter, the one you sent to the younger Tunisians around the world through, asking me and my fellow Tunisians to work together on coming up with ideas for a brighter future.
Through this letter, I will try to tackle the prime and most lucrative sector for all nations through the history of humanity: Education.

From Islam as an Identity to Secular Politics

A religious intellectual is more concerned with religious truths than with religion as an identity. The Islam of religious intellectuals is the Islam of truths and the question of an identity is peripheral to this. A religious intellectual must, first and foremost, concern himself with faith, religious experience, differing religious readings and creating […].

A Clash of Cultures or a Debate on Europe’s Values?

The murder of Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands (2 November 2004) represents a recent example of how westernized Muslims and converts have been implicated in acts associated with Islamic radicalism in Europe. Despite widespread interpretations that Islamic radicalization represents the failure of the multiculturalists approach vis-à-vis Muslim immigrants, r […].

The Adab of Dissent and Dialogue

Professor Khalid Masud is perhaps one of the most universally-acclaimed Islamic scholars of Pakistan. Himself a product of both traditional madrasa and modern university education, he has researched and written extensively about the development of Islamic law and Muslim political-legal thought. As the former Academic Director of the International Institute […].

Globalisation and the Future of Islamic Civilisation

Let me begin with civilisation. A British philosopher, Bertrand Russel, once said ’civilisation was born out of the pursuit of luxury’. Because luxury was pursued you ended up with great works, music, the Palace of Versailles, the Taj Mahal etc. Then much closer to our times you had civilisation interpreted more in economic terms, and you had Adam Smith vi […].

Cultures in the 21st Century: Conflicts and Convergences.

Delivered at Colorado College February 4, 1999. Introduction I am greatly honored by and deeply grateful for the opportunity to address this important assembly concerned with the role of culture in the coming century. Let me begin by congratulating Dean Fuller, Professor Carter, and their associates on two points. First, I congratulate them on the 125th […].