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Tunisian media is becoming more “Islamized”

In a recent report that surveyed radio listeners in Tunisia, the Sigma Consulting Center found that “Zaytouna” – a private religious radio station – topped the list with 12.1 percent audience share throughout the country. Private variety radio station Mosaic came close with 11.3 percent, followed by government-backed radio station […]

Ben Ali’s dictatorship is creating more Islamists

The deadly clashes in the suburbs of the Tunisian capital between security forces and Islamist gunmen at the end of December and in early January took by surprise those who were under the illusion that an Arab autocrat of Ben Ali’s ilk could learn anything from Ibn Khaldoun. According to official sources, the clashes left 12 gunmen dead and 15 under arrest […].

From Islam as an Identity to Secular Politics

A religious intellectual is more concerned with religious truths than with religion as an identity. The Islam of religious intellectuals is the Islam of truths and the question of an identity is peripheral to this. A religious intellectual must, first and foremost, concern himself with faith, religious experience, differing religious readings and creating […].

Islamizing Democracy Or Democratizing Islam ?

As the summer heat rises, it seems, to cause the human folly to follow suit. The guns of August are again at work in many spots in the heart of the so-called Arab world. And the war planners are busy in tweaking its goings and toolings. As it moves from “shock and awe” to more insidious but hopefully -for its planners-moreeffective approach, the so-called […].

Of Danish Cartoons, Muslim Rage and the Bedouin State of Mind

The beast within Islam has been prowling for a very long time. Islam as religion was also a civilizing force in Arabia as it brought for a while some discipline to its native population, the Bedouins of the desert. But the Bedouins are, Ibn Khaldun wrote, “a savage nation, fully accustomed to savagery and the things that cause it… Such a natural dispositio […].

Islam’s Crisis of Authority

Unlike Catholicism with the Vatican and the pope, Islam has no central authority. And the recent furor over Muslim cartoons in Europe has exposed this void even more clearly. Richard Bulliet, author of “The Case for Islamo-Christian Civilization,” explains that this void in authority in Islam is only increasing as Muslims reach out to various people and in […].

Towards A New Islamic Discourse

Islam is portrayed sometimes as if it were a monolithic or uni-dimensional entity. Islam is undoubtedly the faith of transcendental monotheism , the belief in Allah (the one and only God), who transcends both man and nature. But monotheism does not lead to monism (the metaphysical doctrine that existence is a whole and one); on the contrary, it leads to pl […].

Globalized Islam

Muslims, like other immigrants, have come to the West in search of better economic opportunities. But are they bound to clash with their Western counterparts ? In this Globalist Interview, Olivier Roy — author of “Globalized Islam : The Search For a New Ummah” — explains that, due to globalization, these two groups actually have much more in common today t […].

Islam et démocratie:

Le monde musulman, exposé plus que jamais à des changements sociaux intensifiés par le processus de mondialisation, est devenu un terrain d’observation et d’analyse privilégié. Les chercheurs se penchent plus particulièrement sur les rapports entre tradition et modernité politique, entre islam et démocratie ; tandis que pour les acteurs locaux, la situatio […].

Can Women Be Imams?

Analysis Halima Krausen In the face of the controversy over Amina Wadud’s Friday prayer, Muslim scholar Halima Krausen argues that we should have the courage to ask our own questions, to study the matter conscientiously and to reach conclusions which make sense in our times Following the Friday prayers led by Dr Amina Wadud in New York on 18th March and […].

Islam et terrorisme

1- Du Texte à l’Histoire Comme dans tous les pays non-occidentaux, l’engagement des sociétés dans la voie de la modernité a posé beaucoup de défis et provoqué beaucoup de contradictions. L’une de ces dernières concerne la manière dont il faut s’approprier les valeurs de la modernité et accéder à la nouvelle civilisation. Face aux courants nationalistes e […].

What is Progressive Islam?

The various understandings of Islam which fall under the rubric of ‘progressive’ are both continuations of, and radical departures from, the hundred and fifty year old tradition of liberal Islam. (1) Liberal advocates of Islam generally display an uncritical, almost devotional identification with modernity, and often (but do not always) by-pass discussions […].

La tradition réformatrice de l’islam

Le ” choc des civilisations “à l’œuvre paraît-il entre le monde occidental et le monde musulman, et que beaucoup voient se manifester en Irak et dans l’aggravation de la violence en Arabie saoudite, cache en réalité d’autres conflits qui s’avèreront probablement beaucoup plus importants à long terme. L’un de ces conflits divise les musulmans et concerne l […].

Democratic culture and extremist Islam

Are Islam and democracy incompatible? The evolution of a radical Turkish Islamic group in Germany suggests that the pursuit of ‘fundamentalist’ goals can itself create the space for a rational appraisal of tradition. By seeking truth in origin and scripture rather than history, successive generations of Islamists may be drawn – even despite themselves – t […].