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In the Name of National Security, ATT Poses Threat to Freedom of Expression, Separation of State Powers

Two recent articles from The International Business Times (New York) and Index on Censorship (a London-based organization that works to «protect freedom of expression around the world») resonate with the skepticism in publications from Tunisian media outlets and pose questions pertinent to national controversies that embody the challenges of post-revolution social and political transition.

Mesh Sayada : entre fantasme et réalité

Dans un article paru sur le New York Times du 20 avril, sous le titre « US promotes networks to foil digital spying », Sayada est mise à l’honneur comme la première ville tunisienne à se doter d’un réseau communautaire sans fil (WIFI) local gratuit pour tous. Ce projet pilote appelé « Mesh Sayada » permet aux habitants de se connecter à un serveur local hébergeant des services libres d’accès aux quelques 14000 habitants de cette ville côtière.

‘US Promotes Network to Foil Digital Spying’ …while Sayada Builds Network to Foster Digital Justice

That the Mesh Sayada case study has been presented in the context of US surveillance operatives is relevant to one discussion but is meanwhile a superficial and imprecise presentation of the project for citizens who participated in its development and to whom it belongs. The mesh network was not brought to Sayada; it was built in Sayada as a locally-devised, collaboratively-implemented initiative to promote Open Source and Open Data principles.

Agricultural Dialogue on the Outskirts of Tunisia’s National Dialogue

Will continuing threats of strikes, milk siphoned across borders and spilled onto streets, and official demands for reforms within the dairy industry inspire more interest in prioritizing the needs of a suffering agricultural sector? Until now, articles and current issues of agricultural significance prompt little public response in comparison to other highly mediatized and provocative and agriculturally-relevant issues such as immigration, smuggling of contraband, border tensions, unemployment, international economic cooperation and trade.

Weekly Political Review – Twisted and Tangled in the Hands of Politicians: National Holidays and Economic Recovery in Tunisia

Whereas abroad, «it is whispered in the halls of Washington that Mehdi Jomâa’s profile pleased [Americans] because it is that of a ‘pragmatic businessman,’» his discourse addressed to Tunisians pertaining to the country’s delicate economic situation has «stirred gossip and accusations of exaggeration and conspiracy theories.»

Jomâa and Barack Open the Strategic Dialogue – American Media on the Tunisia-US Partnership

Perusing the articles available in American media on Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa’s visit to Washington, one is faced with the gradation of quality and specificity and attention to detail that exists among different news sources…one is reminded that The Washington Post is a reliable outlet for fluffy pieces about the US’ benevolent role in the so called developing world, for sweeping generalizations about terrorism, the Arab Spring, democracy, etc. Unsurprisingly, most US news sources follow in this line of reporting.

Weekly Political Review – The Ebb and Flow of Democratic Transition in Tunisia

With Article 15 on the table for debate, peaking intensity of conflicts in Medenine over the closure of Ras Jedid, and Jomâa’s glowing reflections about his visit to Washington, and widespread public cynism about the volatility and apparent inefficiency of politics and politicians, the past week in politics in Tunisia captures the give-and-take, all-but-constant process that is ‘democratic transition’.

تونس مطمورة أوروبا وأمريكا

ماذا أخذ المهدي جمعة من أوباما وماذا أعطى؟ الجواب بسيط كبساطة حكومتنا وسذاجتها منذ تنصيبها ببرنامج فقير عنوانه اليتيم:” لله يا محسنين”.. لذلك كثرت أسفارها لطلب القروض التي أخذناها على شكل وعود جميلة فيها الكثير من الاهتمام بارتقائنا إلى مصافّ الدول الديمقراطيّة.

زيارة مهدي جمعة إلى الولايات المتحدة: من المظلّة الفرنسيّة إلى أخرى أمريكيّة

بعد جولة الخليج التي ما زلنا ننتظر جدواها وخلفياتها، تأتي اليوم الزيارة الثانية الرسميّة لرئيس حكومة التوافق لدولة “صديقة” حسب تعبيره. فقد حطّت يوم 02 أفريل طائرة مهدي جمعة على أراضي الولايات المتحّدة في زيارة رسميّة بدعوة من الرئيس الأمريكيّ ستمتدّ ليوميّن قصد عقد لقاءات مع وزير الخارجية جون كيري وأعضاء من الكونغرس الأمريكي وعمدة واشنطن ولقاء صحفيّ مع الواشنطن بوست، كما سيعقد جلسات بمديرة صندوق النقد الدولي ولقاء آخر بمدير البنك الدولي ومجموعة من رجال الأعمال الأمريكيين.

American Embassy Tunis on Facebook: an online space for American soft power?

After perusing the American Embassy Tunis Facebook page, the page welcome statement seems either a laughable euphemism or an endearing show of naïveté. The description is accurate to the extent that the the page accomplishes what it promises and what one would expect from an embassy Facebook page, for it serves as a cultural counterpart to the official Embassy of the United States Tunis website’s services and procedural information and news updates.

U.S. Discourse on Tunisia’s Transition : Economy, Security, and Prospects for “Assistance”

The show of US interest in Tunisia since the beginning of the revolution is significant, both in mainstream media and discourse as well as in US official investigations and reports. Whether docked at the capital port, or congratulating the prime minister, or releasing large sums of loan money into the economy, or advocating for a successful democratic transition, the United States has made it clear that it has a vision for Tunisia.

كواليس اغتيال البراهمي : اختراقُ المخابرات و اخفاقُ الداخلية

كشف الطيّب العقيلي رئيس لجنة البحث عن حقيقة اغتيال شكري بلعيد (IRVA) مؤخّرا عن وثيقة تمّ تسريبها من وزراة الداخلية تشير الى تلقّي ادارة الامن الخارجي بتاريخ 14 جويلية لاشعار من نظيرتها في جهاز وكالة الاستخبارات المركزية (CIA) يفيد بوجود مخطّط لاغتيال عضو المجلس التأسيسي و زعيم التيار الشعبي محمد البراهمي.