Liberté d’expression 42

CPJ presses Tunisia on poor press freedom record

The Committee to Protect Journalists urges you on the eve of the 53rd anniversary of Tunisia’s independence from France to end an ongoing cycle of repression of critical journalists and media outlets. We ask that you abide by the commitment you have made repeatedly since coming to power in 1987 to promote freedom of expression. The last time […]

Tunisia’s bloggers defy state censors

Foreign tourists know Tunisia for its sunny beaches, ancient ruins and one of the Arab world’s most liberal societies. But for Tunisians, life is a daily tiptoe through a minefield of political taboos enforced by a vast security apparatus and heavily censored media. Now the country’s drive to embrace the internet is giving Tunisians an unexected new outlet to challenge authority.

Silencing online speech in Tunisia

Blocking web 2.0 websites (Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook) and barring access to local outspoken websites and blogs is the most obvious way of cracking down of the online free speech in Tunisia. It should be emphasized, however, that this is only one tool in the regime’s hand. Tunisia has adapted to the web 2.0 revolution by developing a broader strategy composed of a wide range of instruments […]

Tunisia Caucus Co-Chair Calls Despot Moderate and Wise

Only a handful of Internet publications and small-circulation opposition papers have attempted to seriously criticize the government or hold it accountable. But journalists writing for these outlets have been placed under surveillance, assaulted by plainclothes police, had their phone and Internet lines cut, and been prevented from leaving the country.

Tunisie : Libération Du journaliste Slim Boukhdir

Reporters sans frontières a exprimé son soulagement à l’annonce de la libération, le 21 juillet 2008, de Slim Boukhdir, intervenue quatre mois avant le terme de sa peine. Le journaliste indépendant a souffert de conditions de détention très difficiles à la prison civile de Sfax (230 km au sud de Tunis), où il était incarcéré depuis le 26 novembre 2007.

Free Monem campaign

As the world celebrates World Press Freedom Day an Egyptian blogger, Abdel Monem Mahmoud, sits in jail, his only crime his desire for a more open Egyptian society. We cannot let the regime succeed in silencing him. We have to show the Egyptian regime that when you imprison a blogger, you don’t silence his voice, you AMPLIFY it! How? By taking action! Here’ […].

Tunisia : Journalist From Website Expelled

Reporters sans Frontières (Paris) PRESS RELEASE Reporters Without Borders has criticised the Tunisian authorities for expelling French journalist Léa Labaye, of the satirical website, who was sent back to Paris immediately after arrival in Tunisia on 16 September 2006, without any official explanation. “This expulsion demonstra […].

Of Danish Cartoons, Muslim Rage and the Bedouin State of Mind

The beast within Islam has been prowling for a very long time. Islam as religion was also a civilizing force in Arabia as it brought for a while some discipline to its native population, the Bedouins of the desert. But the Bedouins are, Ibn Khaldun wrote, “a savage nation, fully accustomed to savagery and the things that cause it… Such a natural dispositio […].